Trailer in action

This is just a little follow up to my last post about fixing up that vintage trailer.  Here it is in action.

I recently loaded up some rusty scrap left over from ranching days out here on Willow Grove Farm. Lots of fence wire, barbed wire and bent up cattle guards.  This was a pretty hard load to tetris onto the trailer in any kind of efficient way.  I managed to make it work and did a good job of it.  I sincerely believe the skills of envisioning and then manipulating big, bulky or awkward objects onto a trailer or truck elegantly are only acquired through practice and frustration.

When things slow down I’ll paint up the sides, re-do all the lights and the housings and give the bed a top coat, generally spruce it up.

Equipment gets used and abused, needs maintenance.  Nothing exists in a vacuum; age, wear and failure can only be temporarily overcome.


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