Fence Salvage Table

This is an earlier mini-project I made to test the finished color of the salvaged fence board.  There is nice variation between the white and the road oak and within those two varieties as well.  The strips were glued up, sanded and then sealed with a poly-acrylic.  It doesn’t impart alot of color to the wood but gives it a little dimension.  Visually I like this finish, but tactilely it lacks warmth and feels a little unnatural.

The top rests on a card table frame, sans the original paperboard and vinyl top.  It may be flipped over and the underside has a little structural integrity and interest thrown in with the wood butterflies.  I prefer the appearance of this face although it isn’t thoroughly practical.

Since finishing this, as the top stood on edge and went through seasonal temperature changes it has warped noticeably.  I expected it might, looks like I’ll be getting familiar with the biscuit joiner for future table tops constructed this way.

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